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Videokaffe is a collaborative network of 10 artists based in different locations across North America and Europe. They work at the intersection of handcraft and technology through public sculptures, exhibitions, residencies, performances and new media artwork.



Our collaborative is sparked by our members’ desires to promote curiosity and create engaging art. We do this in large part, by leveraging the unique talents of each artist, we explore the sciences & arts, working towards an inclusive, interactive, process-oriented experience.

The Crew

Mark Andreas

Mark Andreas (b 1975, NY) is a sculptor and educator. Andreas’s artwork explores the changing role of time, handcraft, technology, and its impact on the present-day human experience.
Andreas’s artistic approach is informed by his background as a boat builder, sailer crafts person, and love of nature.

Sebastian Ziegler

Artist, Fixer, Organizer, Storyteller

Visual poesy and interaction all, in real-time, is catching him. Collaboration is one pattern of his work: to build something bigger than one could not have dreamed of. He is a visionary organizer seeking to increase his and others’ ability to surprise. 

Heini Aho

Fine Arts

Heini Aho (born 1979 in Turku) combines elements of sculpture, installation and the moving image into works addressing issues of space and perceptions of the environment. In her works, the analytical meets the intuitive, and the material meets the immaterial. 

Trivial Zero (Jenny Mild and Sami Pikkarainen)

Both were born in 1979
Trivial Zero is an artist couple who has been working together for over 20 years. Our artistic work has always been very multidisciplinary; we have always been fascinated comprehensively by almost the whole field of art.

Trivial Zero (Jenny Mild and Sami Pikkarainen)

Our work is firmly integrated with technology, electricity, mechanics, image, and sound. We don’t see much difference between the world of science and the world of art. Both follow parallel and convergent paths, each paving the way for the other.

Holly Holmes

Over the past few years, I have worked with the tension between abstraction and representation. Empathy drives me; emotions and feelings give rise to friction or desire that needs to be translated into outcomes, which vary from paintings to sculptures. They include both digital and analog methods that sometimes combine as hybrid forms.

Tom Burtonwood

Tom Burtonwood (b. United Kingdom) is a Chicago-based multidisciplinary artist, curator and educator. He is Associate Professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Through sculpture, drawing and video Bur- tonwood explores patterns, systems and mechanisms. 

Thomas Westphal

Sculptor, Mechanical/ electronics design

German-born artist  has been studying in Germany, the Netherlands, Canada, and Finland. He holds an MA in Fine Arts and has been living and working since 2000 in Helsinki, Finland. Throughout the last few years, he has been working on video kinetic installations focusing on human anatomy and movement. 

Olli Suorlahti

Electronic engineer, Designer, Synthesiser Enthusiast / OLEGTRON is a professional visual/new media artist, art and technology teacher, musician, and electronics designer who gets his inspiration from technology and science. He works primarily with recycled materials, building machines that produce or manipulate sound, light, image, movement, air, and fluids.

Erno Pystynen

Micromechanic, prototypist, designer

As an observer of reality, Erno works to describe the physical world through experimentation and visual and vocal interpretation. Working with versatile projects in the past, he is prepared to take on future challenges, whether mechanical, electronic, virtual, or even emotional. Fast to light up on new ideas and interest in freely throwing the fire around. Designer by heart, clocksmith by design, artist by nature.

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December 2023


MOM Art Space, Hamburg, Germany

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SIGN+ Art Space, Groningen, NL

SIGN+ is a vivid and experimental project space for actual interdisciplinary art on a national level.

SIGN+ Art Space, Groningen, NL

SIGN+ is a vivid and experimental project space for actual interdisciplinary art on a national level.

SIGN+ Art Space, Groningen, NL

SIGN+ is a vivid and experimental project space for actual interdisciplinary art on a national level.

The SAARI Residency maintained by Kone Foundation,

is a residence located in Mynämäki, Southwest Finland, for artists of all disciplines and nationalities, to share their thoughts and experiences with colleagues.